New Markdowns at HH!!

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  1. Just got the email..but looking at the new markdowns..there doesn't seem to be a huge difference...:tdown:
  2. does anyone have the cannes tote? is it really really big?
  3. I'm seeing more stuff added but not noticing any new markdowns. And none of the new stuff added has great prices.
  4. The Cannes tote is HUGE..It would be an ideal school bag for me..It is big enough to fit your laptop and some books/binders
  5. I wish HH would mark down their stuff like they used to. I got 2 havana hobo's for $79 back then..
  6. that IS huge!!
  7. So jealous!
  8. I keep hoping they'll mark their Nicos down more......I already have 3, bought at
    killer prices last summer....but I want more!!!

    I didn't like these when I first got them. They've grown on me since then, and I've
    carried them, and finally fell in love with them.

    Checking back in my email - I paid $165 for each. I'd gladly buy more at that price.
    Which is why I'm having problems with the $275 price tag. Sigh.