New mark downs including gryson

  1. Wow great deals thanks for posting. I ordered the gryson ava bag.
  2. thanks for the post, got two pairs of kors shoes!
  3. thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting! Don't forget NMSEPT seems to still work for free shipping. Ordered a pair of J Brand jeans for $74.
  5. I would use:

    ACCESS: FREE Croc business card holder
    NM65: FREE X-mas packaged mint chocolates (beautifully packaged)
    BEST1: FREE Neiman Marcus Candle
    NMEARLY: Free Shipping and Free Giftwrap (have to manually add giftwrap when checking out and can have free gifts with purchases gift wrapped.

    NM65 required a minimum purchase, however I am not sure what it is. I had $77.00 in my cart and it did not work so I added the Burberry Poncho and it did work.
  6. Thanks lindacris!
  7. thanks so much sbk! i used all the codes with no problem. and thank you to the OP, got a bunch of stuff!
  8. You are welcome . I am so happy to enable others to get a good deal too.
  9. these deals are great! i think i'm about to get two DVF dresses and delman flats and the total is only $380!
  10. No problem - the gifts are actually pretty nice. lindacris is awesome for posting the sale link!
  11. Thanks lindcris and sbk212! All the codes worked and I just bought a pair of Cole Haan, a pair Michael Kors and a Tory Burch top all for $189.
  12. Good for you VPS!
  13. Daniela 127,
    The DVF dresses are wonderful and what a great price.