New Marion

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  1. She's in my avatar but I am just now getting around to the reveal...




    Super soft smooshy leather which causes her to puddle a bit when sitting on her own. That's the only negative but I am truly enjoying this bag. Even to the extent I am not swapping out purses much :smile:

    Got her from and she arrived packaged do nicely too.

  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397224868.362920.jpg

    Also got the matching wallet.
  3. Lovely!!!! How do you make your favorite purse your avatar?
  4. I have an option on my menu that says, change your avatar. I went to the TB site and right clicked the photo and saved it to my computer. I then said that is the avatar I wanted to use on here via the menu option.

  5. Oh cool, thanks I might try it.
  6. Gorgeous bag!! :smile: Love the smooshy leather! :smile:
  7. I love the stitching on the top of the bag. Great for year round :tup:
  8. Love this bag!
  9. I love the slouchy Marion. I think it's one of TB's more timeless and really well made bags. The leather is just heavenly :heart: Wear it in good health.
  10. Thanks all!
  11. tooo good! I want the wallet right now!
  12. Saks friends and family with 25% off starts next week....

  13. Hmmm do we know if Tory Burch is included?, that's an $85.00 discount on a bag I want versus a $50.00 from Tory.
  14. It was included in November/Dec when they did it before and it is NOT on the list of exclusions that are posted in the Saks code thread here on TPF.