New Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes

  1. Marc Jacobs' fall mouse shoes are in! They're adorable. The MJ in LA has black and charcoal. And they're goin' fast.

    I just bought a charcoal pair--but don't have any pics. They're up on his site, though. Mmmm. I lived in the white ones, and I'm soooo excited about these. And I didn't wanna pay a bunch on eBay to get them in two months.
  2. Hooray!! Love those!
  3. ohhh I want the mouse color! but suede, eesh.

    Are they the same price? $295?
  4. Yeah, they're the same price. The color they're calling charcoal is actually kind of brown. I love it. They're really wearable. Whee!!! I wore the white ones all summer. I'm so happy I don't have to be at the mercy of eBay this time.

    I wasn't as fond of the black ones, and they didn't have the light grey--that's the "mouse," right?

    I was sort of annoyed that they were suede, too--I don't think I even own any suede shoes...but I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Congrats!

    I have the mouse flats in black patent leather and I love them!

    Enjoy wearing them!
  6. Augh !! I must have these, I missed the last batch, and they're just too darling !
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