New Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats.....with TAILS !!!! lol ....

  1. I own a pair of the original MJ ponyhair mouse flats in black, and saw the new ones in silver....and they are now sporting little tails !!!! I like how they replaced the little black beady eyes with rhinestones instead...

    Can't see myself wearing these, but I'm sure they would look cute on some tpfer here !!!

  2. I NEED THESE!!! :nuts::wtf::graucho::tender:
  3. The swirly tail is a nice addition! Very cute!!
  4. very cute! the mouse flats had the little tails when they first came out. i guess it was harder to make the tailshow up on the ponyhair, so they decided to go without it.
  5. Cute!!
  6. I think the tails have always been there..It's just the stitching was the same color as the shoes instead of constrasting, no? Maybe it's just my imagination -.-
  7. Those are super cute!!! :tender:
  8. those are TOO cute!
  9. soooo cuuteeeee!!
  10. hehe when I read the title, I thought there was an actual little fabric tail behind the flats. HAHA that's a new idea! hehe but cute shoes!!
  11. i'd love to get me a pair of those! i adore the new rhinestone addition
  12. I saw them online at Zappos, but not on sale...
  13. it wasn't just your imagination :smile: my white patent flats from the very first batch of mouse flats release has a tail
  14. ^ haha i was gonna say the exact same thing..... except i sold my ones coz i bought the wrong size -_-"
    the bow is a new edition though isnt it?
    i still like the patent black ones best i think...
  15. yea the bow is new. unfortunately the silver looks kinda cheapy in person.