New Marc Jacobs limited edition...

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  1. Today was Marc Jacobs' new limited edition launching day in Colette (Paris).

    Of course, as a parisian MJ addict, I was there to buy one of the 50 black bowler bags (there were also 50 whites), for only €67 ($100!).
    I just thought they were super cute.

    It's time for you to grab one of the 100 bags ever made on colette's eshop!
    (I know there are some whites left!)

    Otherwise, the MbMJ stores may get those soon (maybe more expensive, they're €110 in Paris, but as lovely!!)


    Much love,
  2. Wow, so Cute!
  3. aw those are so cute!
  4. SO cute!! I :heart: the Little Marc line
  5. Very cute, I like the little rat!
  6. ^ What a surprise...

    The bag is super cute!!
  7. that's cute. so mj has a thing for frogs and mice/rats.
  8. SO SO SO adorable!
  9. it's SOOOOO cute but i cant find it on the website anymore!! :sad::sad:
  10. its gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. Really cute. Is it leather?
  12. doubt it^ i bet it's the same stuff those pan-am bags are made of, just heavy vinyl......
  13. They are mostly sold out then... and no, it's unfortunately not real leather.. but i'm sure that some others will pop up on ebay soon !
  14. I just saw the auctions and I think that $150 is INSANE for a non-leather bag... plus they'll be in MbMJ stores very soon (not with the colette tag, but..)