new marc jacobs collection store in nyc?!!

  1. i was poking around the mj site trying to find the email for repairs when i clicked on the stores link. it seems that there is a second mj store on west fourth, which is in the greenwich village area. i've never heard or seen this store before. i haven't heard any news about another location opening up since there's already a standing location in soho! it's in a very pretty red brick building. i think this location used to be a salon. i used to walk by it often.

    i can't copy and past picture from the mj site since it runs on flash. if someone can do it and help me out, i'd greatly appreciate it. anyway, i'm excited! it looks great and i want to go down there now. the more marc, the better! now i can get my mbmj fix on bleecker and walk about a block over to check out the beautiful, new bags! one stop mj shopping!
  2. scrolled over some more and there's also another store in the same area devoted to the little marc line. it's like he's taking over the west village and creating an empire. perhaps i should abandon the east village and move over there sooner than planned.
  3. sorry for the million back-to-back posts, but i just found some pictorals.



  4. :nuts::drool: :drool: I'm so jealous! *sigh* I live in the wrong city. :push:
  5. OOOO I likie!
  6. OMG, I think if we had a store like that here, I would fall over with excitement upon walking through the door.
  7. yikes, lucky you....go and check it out :smile:
  8. lol, one more store to tempt us...
  9. You are sooooooo lucky to live in New York!! My dream has always been to live there, but it will never happen with this husband!!!
  10. Lol, of course I'm checking out which bags are in stock on the shelf. :graucho::graucho::graucho: Looks like lots of bags from the Mix Quilted line...

  11. The pic of the storefront is my new wallpaper!!!I know I've lost it!! My mind that is!!
  12. Ok, why am I on the edge of my seat looking at the bags... and I saw the cherry tart biggie... I think on the bottom on the left...


    GIRL go back and take more pics! LOL

    Thanks for sharing! Did you get the repair info? I called today I can PM you if you need.
  13. niiiiiice. i need to remember to make my way over there when i visit in july.... :drool:
  14. o0o0o0...when did that get there?! im confused cause it looks familiar now im thinking, i will go sunday :yes:
  15. not to be overly obsessive or anything (even though, i admit, i am), but if you look at the third row middle bag, it's seems to be the mix quilted chic leaning on a mix quilted dash in a new color. i'm glad they're bring it back for another season. i always thought that was a cute style.