New Marc Jacobs coat!

  1. I didn't get any new bags yet, but I got myself a coat :p I think this is from the 2004 Ready to Wear. I'm so in love :heart: with it! Here's a pic of it but I'm not going to model yet because somehow I have gotten a few pounds heavier so I don't think it'll look as good. Can't wait to wear it! :yahoo:
  2. cute! Love to see pics of you wearing it too!
  3. That's really cute! Put more pics of you wearing it!:smile:
  4. very cute!!! congrats!
  5. very cute! congrats!
  6. Love it!! Can't wait to see it on you!! Congrats!
  7. oh i love that coat! pics on woulllddd be nice :sneaky:
  8. thats soooo cute! i like it!
  9. Oh, it's so cute!!! Congrats!!!
  10. very cute, congrats!!
  11. How adorable!! Congratulations!
  12. I have an MBMJ coat from the same season!!! It has the peter pan collar and velvet bows. I love it soooo much! Mine is cream colored.
  13. How cute! It looks like a princess coat :cutesy:
  14. cute!
  15. ohh how cute!