New Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

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  1. So beautiful! Ahh... so hard to resist!!

    Turnlock Posh Messenger Bag $398
    Dr. Q Huge Hillier Hobo $498

    Dr. Q Hillier Hobo (white with GOLD hardware - so luxe!!) $398

    Turnlock Posh Dot Bag (so cute!) $498

    Dr. Q Huge Colorblock Tote $498

    Is it just me or are MbMJ prices hitting new highs? I remember the most expensive bag was the Teri at $428. Now it's just well in the $400, almost $500! Is this making some of you buy more MJ collection bags? I think I am!
  2. LOVE the dot bag....does that have a zip i need to see it closer wowwwwwwww have to find it on line thanks so much and the white one with gold wowwwwwww
  3. The most expensive MBMJ bag that I've seen was the Dr.Q Delancey tote and it was $698. But, yes, MJ's gettting more expensive and so is everything else.

    I want the Dr. Q Huge Hillier Hobo so much~
  4. Saw the the Dr. Q Hillier Hobo, the other day in... it looks really gorgeous. Ahh everything is getting expensive these days..Today i picked up a bag in TJ Maxx for 800 bucks wth:cursing:
  5. mbmj started getting pricey when the dr. q line emerged. i thought the delancey and groovee bags were really expensive compared to the other bags that usually went for $450 at the most. the groovee is worth it though. i love the dot bag too! i wonder what other colors it comes in. i can't wait to see the midnight color in person!!
  6. mjfan, who made a bag there for 800??? lol im so curious because wow thats crazy. I hate that everything is soo expensive.
  7. Such gorgeous bags, I just can't stop looking at this page! But I agree on the price thing. It is going to be SO hard deciding which bag to take home and which to leave.
  8. I love the Turnlock Posh Dot in black. It is so cute!
    But I am going for the Dr. Q Groovee in grey next....
  9. I want the Dr. Q Huge Colorblock Tote, but $498 is a bit too much for it IMO
  10. Has anyone seen the costmetic case in the colorblock? It was in this month's instyle
  11. I think everything is getting expensive due to the low dollar now.
  12. i love the huge hillier in wine!

    yeah the bags are quite expensive. eek.
  13. I really want the hiller hobo in saddle or gray! GAH
  14. you know its funny you should mention higher prices,i was in yankee candle today and like,a couple of years of ago a large candle wash like 22 dollars or so,now its like 25 dollars! WTH! everything is going up!!
  15. i'm getting the dr.Q colorblock pouch w/c is not pictured here! :greengrin: