New Marc by Marc jacobs handbags

  1. Does anyone know when the new Spring 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags will be in stores? I asked someone who works for Marc and they told me February but I dont know which day exactly.
  2. i was wondering the same thing about a month ago, but it seems that some of the spring 2008 collection have come and gone...went to Nordstroms last month and got one of the nylon hobo bags (shown at the marc jacobs website). then today i got the last 'Hillier Hobo' in creme (also at Nordstrom). I'm actually waiting for more, but from what i was told, it just comes whenever, no set sched and just slowly showing up---not all at one time...makes you wish MJ would just let you order directly from the site:girlsigh:my solution was just get the number at the handbag section and just call once a week.