New Marc by Marc Jacobs bags 2007 Spring!

  1. I am SOOO EXCITED!!!!! the new bags are here are they are SUPER CUTE! please post more pictures and we will discuss each bag. I AM IN LOVE with this brown Jazz bag Satchel I know for a fact I will be buying this very soon, i am just not sure of its size yet.. If its huge than probably not. and i wonder what the interior looks like.. SO IN LOVE THOUGH!!!! here it is ladies
    pee my pants.jpg
  2. MarcJacobsAMy: I love the title of your attached image! So funny:smile:
    I'm in love with the Kingpin Strike totebag:

    But here's a question: This image was taken from the Saks catalog I got in the mail. The description says it comes with that red bow and MBMJ tag, but no other retailer shows the bag w/that bow and tag, and neither does the MJ website. I even went to the MBMJ store in SF and their catalog didn't show it either. So does the bag come with the bow or not? Without the bow, I don't think I care for the bag too much.
  3. when does that bag come to the mbmj store? i am waiting for all the bags to come to the actual store but nothing... whats going on??
  4. They are cute.
  5. i cant believe no one is excited about this bag...
  6. jasmine_kb~ I totally love that bag and haen't seen it with a bow at all!!! I am going to check it out soon though. My mall has Nordstrom, Neimans, barneys, and Saks one of them better have it:boxing:
  7. I can't imagine what the Jazz bag Satchel would go with wardrobe-wise. I barely remember seeing it in the runway pics but I think when MarcJacobsAmy buys hers and posts pics carrying it I could be persuaded!

    I'm still thinking about the turnlock faridah bags. And from the collection, the Christy bag. But why oh why doesn't he make styles with adjustable straps anymore?
  8. I like the shape but I'm not a fan of the logo. :sad:
  9. ^^I agree with Dawn! Good luck finding it though!
  10. yeah the jazz bag is only 328 that is super cheap! yes the saddle bag was on the red carpet look
  11. jasmine_kb: Yes, the bag does come with that red bow, at the Saks here in San Diego. This bag is on my list. I like to wait for a sale, but as of now it's sold out on Hope this helps.
  12. I saw the Kingpin strike bag and it big! It didn't have a bow on it when I saw it, but it shouldn't make a difference! Hehe..

    The only problem with this bag that I have is that it doesn't fit over my shoulders!! I don't think it was meant to anyway, but I guess I like to have a choice!