New Manolos!

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  1. Got these for 1/2 off from and they're shipping out! I got the tracking #! :yahoo:

    The only thing that worries me is the heel is 4 1/5 inches high - I was planning on 3 inch Choos, anyone has these boots? Or Manolos that high? :shrugs:

    I couldn't resist these since they're soooo classic. I just love jeans with pointy boots and a simple top.

  2. Love your purchase and can't wait for you to get them. Congrats!
    I don't have either choos or manolos (I will one day). But I do have a couple of Steve Maddens that are that high and I have no problem with them.
  3. Those are fabulous! I have the same design in a slightly different (but also high end) designer and I get tons of compliments on them. I can wear something totally nondescript and everybody stares at my shoes! lol.
    love them, but i wear plain shoes in the car and change into my nice boots when i get to my destination.
  4. Thanks! I may also be wearing other boots to work and just change into these. I can't wait until they arrive!
  5. Congrats :biggrin: it is gorgeous.
  6. Very nice. This style is a classic shoe staple. :yes:
  7. Ooh very classic! ;)
    Great find!
  8. those are very pretty! It is soooo classy!
  9. They are gorgeous..
  10. Ooooooooo totally gorge
  11. I was looking for some boots exactly like that.. It's a shame they are not on the neiman website anymore..
  12. Aw, thanks for everyone's sweet comments! You girls are the best!
  13. love your new boots! such a classic style. a great addition to a woman's collection...
  14. Congrats!!! :party:

    I had a pair of Manolo boots with a 4.5 inch heel, but had to return them since they were just too high for me. 4 inch heels are no problem, there's just something about that last 1/2 inch that puts it over the top...
  15. Fabulous pair! Congrats!