New Manolo Blahnik and Prada!

  1. To celebrate my excellent USMLE Board scores (for MD license in the US), I rewarded myself with a pair of Manolos, "Ckalki" in chocolate suede. I've been wearing these constantly, they're my "clinic day" shoe when I don't have to stand around for 12 hours in surgery but instead get to work in a clinic! I swear they are as comfortable as a pair of Danskos or Finn comfort, and they are so supple yet structured.

    I think that the secret of Manolo comfort is in the perfectly sculpted leather sole and heel, which can be refurbished indefinitely by a skilled cobbler. These shoes are truly a work of art that keep on giving and giving.

    Unfortunately these weren't on sale, but they were the most perfect, gorgeous, and understated professional shoe in Neiman Marcus at the time, so I *had* to purchase them! :heart: I get tons of compliments at work, from both coworkers and patients! But...I got some unwelcome snark when a nurse asked, "who made those?" and I revealed the designer. They rolled their eyes and said, "Needless Markup," but I could tell they were green with envy. :throwup:



    I also got a pair of fun Prada heels. These are the decadent python Prada pumps (in the classic Blahnik slingback style) that I purchased during my weekend celebration at the Peninsula last month. Just my luck, Prada was having a *huge* summer sale at their boutique and I found this exquisite pair of shoes -- the last of its kind, and just in my size! And half off, gotta love that! (don't ask how much they cost, though. *wink*)

    It fit perfectly. I felt like Cinderella putting on the glass slipper.




    I love, love, love Italian slingbacks. Leather or python, as long as it's luscious, I love it.

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  2. Yay, Congrats on the new shoes. They both look absolutely stunning! :smile:
  3. Love 'em both, but I'm ALL OVER those Prada snakeskin slingbacks! Where did you find them? I MUST POSSESS!! :devil:
  4. SO pretty! I have similiar Blahniks..they are very COMFY! congrats!
  5. Your shoes look gorgeous!! Enjoy!!
  6. I found them at the Prada boutique on Oak St. in Chicago, on the 2nd floor (sale floor, I love it!). Unfortunately they were the last of their kind according to the SA. This exact python skin was also available in hobo form, carried on the shoulder - I saw this at Neiman Marcus but it isn't there anymore.

    They are just about as comfortable as my Carolynes, too! Great construction!
  7. I got some unwelcome snark when a nurse asked, "who made those?"

    get used to it... i've been a woman/physician for 20 years. women are very hard on other women who are professionals. seems to be especially tense between certain physicians and nursing staff. was worse when i was a resident and closed to their age.

    love the shoes! congrats on boards!
  8. Gorgeous and well deserved!!
  9. Congratulations on your score!

    Good thing I'm a size 36, or else I'd be coming over to borrow your shoes when I'm in IL!!
  10. I am in LOVE with both of those- and the heels don't look super high!! And you seem to be just about my size :graucho: Maybe I need to visit/borrow/both!!!!!!!
  11. Lovely shoes! OMG I had a similar shoe envy experience where a co-worker said 'well your shoes look like Ferragamos' and I replied 'they are Ferragamos.' I think in general women who don't pamper themselves can be jealous of those who do.
  12. Congrats on your new shoes! They`re gorgeous and I`m sure they look fabulous on you.
  13. sumptuous!
  14. great purchases!i :heart: the pradas!
  15. Oh the curse of being dependent on the Internet for designer goods! I guess I'm SOL!:crybaby:

    I live in an area where the closest thing to a designer store is the Bob Ellis store in Charlotte and that's an hour's drive. The up side is Charlotte is FINALLY getting Neiman Marcus!! It opens next month!:yahoo: