NEW MAM colors?

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  1. does anyone have any idea when new colors come out for the bags more specifically the MAM ... i am so in love with this bag but there are no colors available that i am crazy about ... does anyone know?
  2. For prefall colors next week.
  3. :yahoo:
  4. These are the color names: white, sea green, persimmon, noir, iris, green, forest green, dark brown, cloud grey, blush - Sound yummy!
  5. sea green and iris sound amazing! and blush and forest green! :love: ahhhh I want them all!!
  6. I was imagining Nikki's in Sea Green and Forest Green and I swear my legs gave out from under me! :nuts:

    And don't forget Megs said Emerald was being brought back!
  7. i really hope sea green is like a turquoise-y color and the iris is a really beautiful shade of purple.

    they really do all sound yummy. i can't wait!!!
  8. sigh i want them ALL... Iris, emerald, sea green, NOIR, blush...


    Hehe and not to forget the OLIVER! I want the OLIVER... OLIVER OLIVER OLIVER:choochoo::jrs:
  9. ^^ Err, what is the Oliver, please? :shame:

    Wow, prefall collection is already coming out? Some styles in pre collection S/S from Bbags isn't even available yet!:nuts:
  10. Chinkee, go to

    and then go to girls, and check out Cameron Richardson. She is wearing the Oliver in Electric Blue. I think it is absolutely TDF. I love the Chain strap on it. Megs will have some pics for us next week! i can't wait!
  11. does anyone know if there will be pictures of all the colors and which bags they will be in??? im so excited!
  12. ^^ae106: Megs said she would post her interview with RM, and the pics of the new colors + new bags sometime next week...

    Oh and I forgot to add that one of the online boutiques, I think label 360, will start taking pre-orders of the new colors next week as well...

    and!! per RM Maven the red basketweave comes out on April 25th!! :choochoo:

    I can't wait!! :yahoo:
  13. OMG, this f/w season is gonna be SO BAD for me... I'm gonna be so broke!! haha!
  14. I know there is so much I want.
  15. I can't wait till next week I am so impatient!!! I really want to see Iris, Sea Green, Blusha and Grey and like Desi I want first and foremost aan OLiver bag and I can't wait to see what Ollie looks like!!!!!!! So exctied.!