New Make-up...HELP!!!

  1. I'm switching up a couple products in my make-up bag and I need a new undereye concelear, foundation, and pressed powder!!

    The current concelear I'm using now is the airbrush one from Clinique and eh.. it ain't working too great for me!

    I don't wear a foundation but I would like to get one that offers coverage but is not too heavy or matte. Basically I don't want it to look like I'm wearing foundation.

    And I'm looking for a pressed powder that gets rid of shine but doesn't make my face look flat, powdery, and too matte.

    Ugghhhhh...I hate shopping for new make-up LOL!!!
  2. for powder...I just bought the Chanel Purete Mat pressed powder last week and I love it! It's great for oily skin and really gets rid of shine.
    Another good powder is MAC blot powder...doesn't add color just reduces shine.
  3. I know how u feel i hate shopping for makeup many options! I heard alot of good things about shu uemera(sp?) and plan on getting a face powder from them
  4. I love the Jane Iredale pressed mineral makeup-I hate the look of foundation too-this is foundation/powder in one.
  5. Since you don't normally wear foundation, have you thought about using a tinted moisturizer? laura mercier makes an amazing one. the bonus is that it has an spf. They also have a fabulous concealer ..i believe it's called secret camouflage - which has two shades so that you can perfectly match your skin tone.
    As for powders, mac makes a good poweder just for shine control :yes:
  6. First, I put on MAC's Prep and Prime with SPF 50.

    Then I use Kiehl's tinted moisturizer all over, then put MAC Select Coverup undereyes and on redness around nose.

    Lastly, I lightly dust Bobbi Brown's Yellow Loose Powder to set.

    *I have very dry skin, though...what kind is yours?