New Mahina Amelia Wallet

  1. this is gorgeous!!
  2. very nice :yes:
  3. It's beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this pic!!
  4. Very nice. Where did you find that pic?
  5. reminds me of the eugenie!
  6. That is HOT Love it!
  7. ahh this is the one my SA told me about yesterday. very cute.
  8. soo sooo soo cute
    info? colors?price?
  9. that's pretty! I assume they're LE just like bags? price would be nice too :smile:
  10. OH! NICE! I love the barely there monogram, haha.

    Btw, hi JJ! You know who I am ;)
  11. if the inside is like the Eugenie's, it's coming my way! :nuts:
  12. i posted the price, 545 euros.

  13. I checked LV website but don't see it anywhere :confused1:

    Where did you find the picture and price info?

  14. ooppps just totally saw the pics :smile: just goes to show that it totally is gorgeous that everything seems like a blur.
  15. I LVoe it.