New Magnolias Through Aster Alice!

  1. new pics on Aster Alice FB

  2. wow! what a beautiful color :drool:

    are there any pictures of the LB metro magnolia available?
  3. ^ Not yet. Knowing LB, they usually don't post pictures of their preorder bags until it's close to the release date. Since the Metro Magnolia is expected to release on March 31, you can probably expect them to release pictures a few weeks prior to that. But you can always email them and ask?
  4. I love the purple!!!
  5. I wish AA would show the other 2 colors as well. The purple IS beautiful, but we've already seen pictures of it.
  6. LOVE that purple color!!! So gorgeous!!!!
  7. I agree. I e-mailed to ask, and they said they wouldn't have pictures until they got them in stock because the purple was the only sample made.:sad:
  8. Are they going to get in more stock than just what people pre-order? That would be great. Maybe then we could see them before we order.
  9. I think they ordered a specific amount of each bag. They said on FB they only have 5 more of the dark violet magnolia. If the preorders fill that amount they ordered, then I don't think there will be any available listed on the site. If they don't fill that amount then they'll probably list the remaining bags on the website.
  10. Any idea how dark the gray will be? I love the violet, but I'm kind of torn because I have already have a large bag in a dark violet. Although I guess I have a couple gray bags too.... I really hate decisions. A dark gray might be more versatile... Any opinions??
  11. I wanna see what the gray looks like but they dont have any pictures. I think they will have 10 each of the bag.
  12. What a beautiful color!!
  13. Love that color.....will there be more bags made with this leather?
  14. It's March Girls!!! I can't WAIT until these bags ship! WOOT! :woohoo:
  15. I'm still holding out on the burgundy. It doesn't seem like the most popular, so maybe they'll make it up on the website.

    I'm excited about seeing pictures!