New Magnolias Through Aster Alice!

  1. Have you guys seen the pics on AA's facebook page? That dark violet is TDF!!!
  2. :drool:

    AA Magnolia.JPG
  3. Thanks for posting P!!
  4. I put my deposit for a mini grey, can't wait. Glad to see they will be the braided those.
  5. You can preorder them now:

    Currently theyre only available in grey. I already placed my preorder. I went with this one instead of AA since it's cheaper. I hope I like it! I just tried preordering it with the 30% off code on LB and it worked (code: 2011). I just checked for exclusions on their FB and they didnt mention the Treesje exclusives being excluded. So it's worth a shot.

    They also have a exclusive Sedgwick too. For a few dollars less than Magnolia/Metro: this is in purple, I wonder if it's the same purple from AA's Magnolia?

    No pictures as of now. The Sedgwick is slated for an end of January release, hopefully they'll have pics up by then. :biggrin:
  6. Thank you, but the crossbody on Luna Boston is too small for me. If it was as big as even the small magnolia I would jump on it.
  7. sweet! i've been waiting for the pics :smile:
    the color looks amazing! I'm so glad i got the purple!
  8. Will any AA codes work on these pre-orders?
  9. ^ No. Since you're only paying for the $30 deposit (no authorization needed). You will be fully charged for the remaining funds automatically once they receive the bag.
  10. is this the magnolia you can pre order on AA? if so, I want it:biggrin:
  11. ^ Yep. That's the same bag.
  12. Oh my. I just might need that. Seriously. Need. That. But there's no discount code for pre-orders, right? :pout:
  13. is that the violet? also is it a mini?
  14. Are the exterior pockets on the mini magnolias big enough for cell phone and keys? I've read posts that they might be a bit small. That seems a waste if the pockets are too small to be useful, especially on a bag that is not inexpensive.
  15. is the magnolia on LB going to be similar to the one on AA?