New Magnolias Through Aster Alice!

  1. Just saw this on their facebook page :nuts:

    Treesje Magnolia and its mini version is now available for reservation. We will have three amazing colors: Bordeaux/Gold, Dark Grey/Gunmetal & Dark Violet/Gunmetal. Only 10 made for each color combo. Don't miss out! Email for details. p.s. daily deals will be posted tonight. Stay tune!
  2. OH MY GOSH! Hyperventilating! :lecture: Must get control of myself!
  3. So this is different obviously than the viola mags being made through Luna Boston? Shoot, I really want one asap but was loving the viola/gunmetal combo I am on the list for. :pout:
  4. nomomjeans we don't know when the LB order will go through since we would still need 5 girls and the list is like a year old now haha, and if they can still order the Viola leather. did they send you an email confirmation at LB?

    the Aster Alice special order won't be delivered until March so plenty of time to order and save up! ;D
  5. I like the way you think! :lol: I reeeeally want the aster alice purple but that's crazy to get two purple magnolias if the luna boston one ever goes through, right? But like you said, who knows if it will go through....I just wish there was a mockup of the aster alice dark violet one. :shrugs:

    Oh and yes, I did get an email confirmation from Sarah at LB that she received my info. And they will take paypal too. :biggrin:
  6. hehe, i'm getting the dark purple in regular sized, and if the viola goes through i'll get it as a mini :p you can always resell it later ;) there no good pics of the dark violet leather yet, i'll see if i can come up with a mockup.
  7. Well, I just sent my deposit off for the dark violet mini. :angel::happydance:
  8. :yahoo: muwahahahaha!
  9. will the new magnolias have the new (non-braided) handles?
  10. I emailed them and AA confirmed it will be the braided handles!

    I also asked if the dark purple is the same as the purple from this holiday season, they said that they'll be receiving a swatch in a few weeks and will confirm then.
  11. Fantastic news!! I love braided handles. :love:
  12. Okay I am seriously thinking about the dark purple! I hope it's the shade I've been looking for!!!
  13. LB is also doing Magnolia crossbody exclusives in several colors (posted on FB).
  14. how exciting!
  15. Would love to see this. When will they be available?