new magenta first on ebay

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  1. wow i love guys are so knowledgeable .....
  2. It sure if beautiful, but a bit misleading that the seller is saying it has come directly from Bal NY when she bought it off Ebay.
  3. To get $1025 back out from the bag, she will have to sell it for $1125 if someone pays by Paypal (I'm approximating PayPal and ebay fees), so she really isn't making a profit, unless you consider $25 a profit.
  4. :yes: Don't forget anothing $30 for shipping. So it's actually $1055.
  5. this seller does this a lot... buy and immediately resell in 2 weeks or so. makes no sense to me, she usually isnt making much $$, just a frequent recycler or something
  6. "This seller" is ME. Can you please let me know what else that I buy and sell within 2 weeks? I'm confused. :wtf: And yes, this bag, I don't make money and I don't intend to make money.
  7. Maybe she doesn't want to keep a 1000+ bag that she doesn't love? Or maybe she's searching for the right style or color or maybe her dream bag popped up after she bought this one? I've seen lots of fellow pf'ers do the exact same thing. Sometimes it's about hunting down the bag, and then you don't even want it when you get it. It's the thrill of the chase! Just my 2 cents. ;)
  8. That is totally me. I live in the sticks so I do not have the opportunity to go into a LV store or even a high end department store for that matter (the only bags that I can see in person are Coach, Kooba, and Kate Spade). So I depend on Ebay and ordering blind from stores. :yes:
  9. 0o0o0o, i hope someone from the PF gets it... magenta is such a HOT colour!!! every girl needs at least ONE pink bag in her collection!!!
  10. helen...i think magenta is more like a bright purple with only a little pink undertone...
  11. :shame: bugger - i think im going colour blind in my age! :roflmfao: but its just so pretty!!! :love: thanks bb10lue - what would i do without you b-bag sistas??? probably be blind and sport a funny coloured b-bag on my arm
  12. this solour is undescribable, when i see it alone, it looks purple, but when i put it side by side with my eggplant, it sure looks pinkish... :P