New Magenta First just listed ebay!

  1. A Magenta first was just listed, low starting bid, looks beautiful!
    (no missing hardware!):biggrin:
  2. can i see it?
  3. Bugger ... I wish I could get into eBay from work! I miss out on so many *potential* :blink: :yes: :lol: bags (like I need anymore!).
  4. Very pretty.
  5. 0o00o so beautiful!
  6. Wow, that's hot.

    This color is looking more pretty to me every time I see it. I regret not buying it in a city when it came out... :sad:

    Well, maybe there's hope for S/S...

    Bright colors, where art thou? :rolleyes:
  7. whoa that starting bid is so low... wat a steal!
  8. Hmm, that is an unusually low starter... Methinks it'll go up a lot, though. :smile:
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