New Madison SABRINA!!!! Pic's

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  1. Wow the bags look so good I just love them all.:heart:

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  2. Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Ohhhh, I LOVE the ombre sabrina! It does look a LOT like the Prada wave bag though!
  4. Thanks so much for the pictures! They are great; I am dying to get the Ombre.
  5. the Ombre will come in a green and a red one too.
  6. The Ombre is very pretty!
  7. wow thats a great set of bags! for $358 i might have to get the op art one b/c i am really likeing that pattern, but the ombre one now that is just gorgeous!
  8. Love the blue ombre. When does it come out....september?
  9. WOW, that Ombre one is really gorgeous... I wonder when that will come out? :confused1:
  10. Thanks for the pics! :tup:
  11. i also thought the ombre lookes like the prada bag
  12. thanks for the pics. Can't wait to see them IRL.
  13. You are so awesome for getting these pics so we can have it here in thread to look at and refer back to. Yay!
    One thing, the 4th pic is a Julianne, not a Sabrina. I think these new bags will be confusing because they all have the same top handles and look similar, etc. I wonder what the difference between the two is? Maybe bag length and width?? Anyone know yet?
  14. I know its a Julianne but I had to take the pic. it was cute. they also have a gold very gold sabrina too, the SA was holding on to some pages so I didnt get all the pic's I wanted to. all the ones I did get come out in OCT!!!!!!
  15. Wow, thanks for sharing. I really love the sabrina ombre bag. I may need that from Santa for Christmas.