New mademoiselle camera bag

  1. I saw this bag in a coral color recently and think it's gorgeous! I found this photo in our reference thread. Does anyone know how much it costs, and how the lambskin holds up? TIA!
  2. i don't know about the price and all, but it's so pretty :drool:
  3. Here is some info on the Mademoiselle prefall 2006 collection, including prices. But, I'm not sure if the prices have increased or what colors it comes in for spring. The bag that you like is gorgeous!

  4. wow jenny, where did you find that info chart from?
  5. I love the chain!
  6. HEY.I saw this at Saks in Bala,PA..I was just there(I peeked in their Chanel closet!).....AND Saks is having their EGC gift cards with purchase!!...On Thursday.Ask for Damian at 1-610-667-1550-ext 258..........
  7. PS-That bag is TDF!
  8. That was my bag. I was very unhappy with how the leather held up, so I got rid of it.
  9. Oh no, sorry to hear this. Can you tell us what happened - did the leather scratch too easily, did the bag lose its shape, etc? Thanks.
  10. Lost its shape very quickly.:sad:
  11. wow! Gorgeous bag!
  12. Re: Lost its shape very quickly

    Wow. That's good to know, because I might have bought that line (I think it's very beautiful.)
  13. I have the mademoiselle flap. The leather is delicate, but at least with the flap, it holds its shape better. If I was going for this line, that's probably the one I would stick with. Though I too fell in love with the camera bag when I saw it here.