new madamoiselle clasp?

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  1. would any know any information on this bag? size? colors available? price? its very unique and i think i like it! thank you!:heart:


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  2. it's from the new east/west collection. not sure about the price though.
  3. Yes I know it and I am going to buy it :smile:

    It's call "East West A37692"

    This is launced around Febuary 2008

    Now is quite hard to find but if interesting you can ask your local store.

    It is the special white lamb skin that endurance for scratch .The leather is quite wrinkle when it accidentally has scratch ,so not so much problem ,while it almost as the same .

    Price is around 1,300 Euro

    Available in 4 colors , The metalic showcase(opening) is Silver color , The strap is as same as the bag color.
    Here is the color
    - White w/ black thread
    - Black w/ white thread
    - Burgundy w/ ivory thread
    - Cognac w/ ivory thread
  4. Is the plate held to the bag with leather strips?
  5. ^ I think so!
  6. The price is $2250, if I am correct, I got it a month or so ago. I luv it!
  7. Heathrow Airport had quite afew of these styles 3 weeks ago, the shelves were heaving
  8. here's a picture I found in the Dutch Elle this month: thought you might like...[​IMG]

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  9. thank you so much for everyones help!