new Madame Claude Peep-Toe d'Orsay!!!

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  1. so i keep telling myself "5 more minutes, and then it's time to get ready for school." that's was over an hour ago... but with good reason because i stumbled on these:




    $795 at
    on pre-order with an expected ship date of no later than 3/14/2009

    thoughts anyone???
  2. Gorgeous! But $795?!
  3. Yeah--what happened to the recession??
  4. I'm with SocalBoo - the Joli was ~$795 when I got it last year around this time. At least it has a bow on it. This is plan. Nice, but plain......

    **sadly I may be purchasing it though. I'm a sucker for D'Orsay**
  5. ITA :yes:

    ...............but I'm with DC Cutie - I'm a sucker for d'orsays - I can't justify red (I have the Armadillo) but if it popped up in hot pink or yellow, weeellllll :graucho:
  6. cute, but not worth the price tag IMO.
  7. I like this one too. I think Nordies or NM will get it in Midnight, which I'm not sure is black or navy.
  8. love the color... wish it came in castillanas!!!
  9. It's such a stunning red. :love:
  10. It's like a Yoyo d'orsay. I'm pretty annoyed by the price hikes, though. Simples and VPs went up by $20 apiece, and some of the new styles are gorgeous, but WAY too $$$ IMO.
  11. i wouldn't pay full price for these anyways! :P

    i love the d'orsay style too... i got the jolis in black patent from NM for $299 in august '08 and sold them before i even got a chance to wear them b/c i wasn't really feeling the way it looked on. i think it was the bow...

    but hopefully they'll have a 38.5 when these eventually make it to sale. i'll be all over that!

    and if they come in hot pink or yellow... i might just have to pass on buying some textbooks :nuts:
  12. I must have these! I was going to get a pair of Madame Claude in Bone but True Red is definitely better!
  13. java--who is getting them in bone? I saw bone NPs and NSs at Nordies last week and it was like discovering a new love. I do not have such a light shade in any style in my collection (not into white) and I do not want an NP or NS...
  14. Its a store in Canada (I forgot the name) but the SA there said they are only getting them in Bone. I think they ship to US too. LMK, I'll go dig up the info for you if you're interested!
  15. Forgot to ask if there is only one heel height for these.