New Macy F&F Question

  1. I just got a card today, it does NOT say we have to use a CC to we can use cash? Also it says 20% or 10% but I can't find anywhere on the card where is says what you get the 10% on. Also doesn't say anything about excluding Coach...Anyone?? Thanks
  2. you can use it on coach in the store for 20% off. You cannot use it on coach online at all.
  3. 10% is on small electrics, furniture, mattresses, and rugs.
  4. you don't have to use a credit card, you can pay any way you would like.

    the 10% is on small electrics, furniture, mattresses and rugs (looking at the coupon that just showed up in the mail)
  5. Thanks everyone, my bday is 5/5 so I think I will see what they have on the 2nd....I may be meeting a boardie at the mall on the 2nd which would work out perfectly!!
  6. What dates is it from?
  7. 5/2-5/6
  8. Happy Early Birthday!! :flowers:
  9. I wish F&F would be on tax-free weekend. Now THAT would be an even more amazing deal! :roflmfao:
  10. Am I the only one who hasn't gotten a F&F card yet? :crybaby:

    I buy a ton at Macy's, I'd better get one! Does everyone who has a Macy's account get one?
  11. here is another copy of the printable version that you can take to the store, works just as well as the mail one. hope it helps!
  12. Sorry if this is stupid, but i can just bring in that flyer that Court posted above, and they will give me the discount?
    What if they don't have the item i want in the store, will they order it for me?

  13. yeah just bring in that flyer printed out...
    i dont know about ordering,, they will probably give u a list of where u can get them so u can call yourself and order.. macys SAs dont get paid enough to care lol!
  14. :party: Party for the 5/5-ers!!! :p

    I got one of those in the mail too, and I had the same question!! I didn't know what the 20%/10% meant!
    The 2nd is perfect timing for the Macy's sale! :graucho:
  15. no, they aren't that nice to order for you usually, they will print out a list of the macys' stores that have what you want if you ask them and then you can call around and have somewhere hold it for you and go get it.

    macy's isn't as nice as Nordstroms.

    and yes the coupon I printed is for the discount, I got it in my email. that's all you need.