New Macbook Pro 15' with Retina Display Out, Anyone going to get it???

  1. My DH just upgraded to the 15" MacBook Pro Retina and gives a :tup: I'm waiting for the 13" version being released in September.
  2. Ooh! Thanks for the reviews! The only thing that was putting me off was the lack of the optical drive and the 15" screen. I have a Macbook now which is 13" screen and I love it, but I need an upgrade as this baby can't handle my graphic intensive work that I work with. It's interesting to read that the 13" screen will be coming out in Sept, but I think that 15" should be ok. I will check it out in the store first!

    I ordered one in Malaysia as I am stopping by there on my travels! :smile: Can't wait to get it!
  3. Thanks for your input Vlad! If you wouldn't mind me asking, did you upgrade your memory, like I was thinking of getting the 2.6GHz one with 16GB's of ram with 752 or 750 something anyways GBs of SSD storage... As I am planning to use it for my 5 years at uni, but that will cost me just under $AUD4000.00 with the education discount and somewhat in the $AUD4500.00 mark without that discount (I would rather much buy a few bags with that money, but this time round a new computer is more important ;)). Thanks for your input again and I hope to hear from you again! Oh also I just remembered before submitting the reply, how do you eject the CD's if you are watching DVD's on the superdrive? I was looking everywhere on the net, but there has no info on it...

    A 13' version?!?!?!? Hopefully the price of it will go down by September, but I doubt it ): Also the questions above also apply for your DH too... I want to get as much info as possible, as the reviews on youtube, well they are just all on about the performance and the display blah, blah, blah!! TIA and Also thank you for your imput!

    Did you ordered yours yet?? I have yet to see it... Lazy me.. but the Apple store is just way too close to the LV store... the temptations... too strong! :graucho: Anyways if you have ordered yours, did you upgrade the specs on it? or did you just leave it stock?? Also if you haven't ordered your new Mac yet, you might want to consider your options too with the new MBP as everything is soldered on and cannot be upgraded in the future... You just need to keep that in mind and ask yourself, will this be enough in lets just say 5 years time? IF you have already ordered, it CONGRATS!!! :biggrin: and also you have one very jealous admirer of your new computer!

    Thank you all for your input and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

    LVF :biggrin:
  4. My DH upgraded the memory to 16 gb and SSD to 768 and he already has an external CD drive buying the super drive at this time would have been redundant.

  5. I got the 2.6 Ghz i7 version with 8GB RAM and 500GB SSD. Plenty for even my applications, this thing's a beast. There is no way you need the top of the line for school. If I need raw computing power and storage, I go to my Mac Pro at home.

    If you want to eject DVDs in the superdrive, you drag and drop the desktop icon of the disk to the trashbin - that ejects it.
  6. Cool!! Thank you! That puts things into perspective! :smile:
  7. Wow!!! Vlad's one is fast already, imagine your DH's one!! it would be like click - BOOM - the app that he clicked would be there!!! It would be like the Superman of the Mac's!
  8. No comment! I'm stuck with my old clunker...
  9. I got it as soon as it came out. It's amazing!! If anyone has any questions about it, I'd be more than happy to answer.
  10. I bought one straight off the shelf (last one!) when I got to Malaysia on the 20th of July! Just got back from my vacation and I can say SO HAPPY! I ended up with the highest end spec one so I'm set for a few good years! :smile:
  11. Saddest story ever.

    I preordered the new MBP with retina right when it came out and received it 3 weeks later. I loved it (I had better for nearly $4000)! 1 week after I got it, I was browsing TPF with the laptop on my tummy/lap in bed. I sat up quickly and the water bottle i was holding hit the screen. Not even that hard I think but...

    THE SCREEN SHATTERED COMPLETELY. Not only that, the LCD behind it was terribly broken and the screen went static-y. I was hoping Apple would help me out with repairs because the computer was brand spanking new, but they had to replace the screen and I was charged $800. Most expensive computer ever haha. The genius guy felt bad for me and he told me that this was the first reported "incident" worldwide. Boy, do I feel "special"
  12. Aww :hugs: hehehe poor thing!!

    I have questions!!!!! Look through the thread, you wouldn't mind answering?? Just quote me, so I can see it!! thank you so so much!! :biggrin:

    YAY!!! do you like it, i bet its really fast!! Congrats!!! We should really have an Apple reveal thread!! LOL!! :smile: so we can drool over all that aluminium!! :biggrin:

    :hugs: aww at least you are the first one, and if that ever happens to me, i can say to the genius people, the first case ever of this situation, i know this person... she ain't happy about it... :hugs: again!
  13. i thought about it - but after a lot of research comparing the MBP vs the Air, i decided to go with the macbook air with the sandy bridge processor. i download software or buy it on a flash drive... but that doesn't work for stuff only on a cd. i love love love my computer and would recommend it in a heartbeat.
  14. Hubby got me a MBP 13" yesterday. I need it for school, but it's so heavy. Thinking I should have gotten an Air.
  15. I would love a MacBook, but my Acer works just fine. When it's time to upgrade, I'll definitely buy an Apple.