New MAC Collections

  1. Anyone looking forward to three new MAC collections in early April?

    Tres Cheek

    Extra Dimension

    So Reel/So Sexy

    So far my list has two products from each collection, plus the BB balm that is also coming out that day, but that is before I've even laid eyes on anything. :amuse:
  2. I've only seen photos from the "Extra Dimension" collection - the shadows look pretty & I am looking forward to swatches before I decide.

    I've been voting on the "MAC By Request" collection which I think is a really good idea although the choices are limited - l/s, l/g & shadow ONLY?!? I'm VERY interested in seeing how the votes end up especially for items that were released prior to the era of beauty blogs & swatches. I searched for a swatch of Rocker l/s to show a co-worker and came up with only one that was not so great. I LOVE Rocker - that is a bad azz l/s, but Candy Yum Yum (??What??) is getting all the votes. I can't relate to Candy Yum Yum & Moxie at all. The lipglasses are nice, but most are neutral/nude-ish.

    Temptalia has swatches - Rocker looks horrible on her, not a good representation.
  3. I would love to see Angry Inch lipgloss promoted, By Request, but I doubt it will. I love the idea of this; I can just see it being stuff I'm not the least bit innerested in.

    I don't get the hype over CY-Y. Looks pretty dupeable.

    As for Tres Chic: I'm a little surprised they didn't rerelease Instant Chic blush. Seems like it'd be perfect to go with the name of the collection. I am curious about Full of Joy & Pink Tea though, but mostly because I'm a neutral blush hoor.
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  5. From the Tres Cheek collection I consider getting them all (yeah, I'm crazy..), at least Modern Mandarin, Peony Petal and Lovecloud! They are SO pretty! I'm crazy about blushes and all that, really... Also, probably getting the Glorify highlighter from the Extra Dimension collection.

    I LOVE the Candy Yum Yum, but in the other hand I really do love pink lipsticks... But I do have quite many so I am yet very unsure...
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    I bought Full of Joy; the MAC counter was sold out of all 6 this afternoon except the last FoJ & Peony Petal; PP looked pretty dupeable/too similar to stuff in my stash.

    They better repromote Ahoy There! & Port Red in the Summer collection.

    ETA: FML. Only things I'm remotely interested in are the makeup clutch/coin bag & the sun tints.