New Mac Collection - Balloonacy

  1. Just wondering what everyones opinions are on the new mac collection? I like the eyeshadow quad myself.
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. They have it on their site. I like the sparkle eye pencils.
  4. This was my least favourite collection so far. I didn't buy a thing.
  5. Just to clarify... there wasn't anything at the counter I wanted to buy because I have a good assortment of permanent products, and this new collection didn't have anything special or necessary.
  6. I can't access MAC websites other than the French and it's not up there yet... What's the general idea?
  7. I just ordered the glitter pencils in Nightsky (?? about the name...its the black one) and the goldish one.

    I already have the black one from another collection and LOVE it! :smile:
  8. Wonder if this collection will be as popular as Barbie Loves M.A.C.?
  9. its ok. But they have had nicer collections out I thought they bring out nicer more vibrant colours
  10. I only bought the pigments from this collection. I was actually kind of glad that I didn't want more because after the damage I did with the Barbie collection, my wallet couldn't take much more abuse, lol.

    The pigments are really nice, however, I have been reading that alot of people are kind of disappointed with Helium since it seems to be one of the chunky formulas.
  11. I bought two lipsticks....Festivity and Up Note. Love them!
  12. Personally I love the collection but it probably won't be in stores here in Greece before the end of April (Barbie just arrived :sad: ).
    I definitely want the quad, the lipsticks, maybe Helium pigment and one or two lipglosses!:heart: :heart:
    You can see the whole collection on
  13. I caved and bought a Lustre lipstick... Fun Fun. It looked warmer in the store. What's up with all these cool tone pinks? Thankfully, I have heard that warm tones are arriving for the summer collection.
  14. I bought the eyeshadow quad, Fun Fun lipstick, Perky lipglass, and two of the sparkle eye pencils (the purple one and the black one). Also got the highlighter powder in Mellow Rave.
  15. I bought the lipstick in Fun Fun and lipglass in Pink Meringue. It wasn't all that great...