New MAC clasp scratching leather?

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  1. So I took the plunge and purchased a teal MAC. The leather is beautiful.

    When I opened it up I saw a scratch across the front, not too worried about it but wondering how it got there.

    Then I realized the dog leash clasp, (the part that you push up and down to unhook) has a very sharp point on it and probably was what scratched the leather. Not the side that you push down on to open the clasp but the other side of it.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I was thinking of filing it down or something but I am afraid the silver will come off. Does anyone know how durable this silver hardware is if I filed it down a bit? :nuts:

  2. Turn the clasp to it's side. There isn't much you can do other than to condition the leather around the area to make it less prone to scratches. All clasp styles scratch a little, as well as our fingernails!
  3. Unfortunately the teal leather is supposedly super thin and delicate, not much you can do in that department. Perhaps you can sand down the sharp part of the hardware?