New MAB Owner Question About the Rings in Front...

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  1. I just received my FIRST RM bag today, a MAB in black with pewter metallic trim. I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it out. I have a question about the hardware ring in the front and bag of the bag (above the outside pocket). Are these just decorative, or are the meanth to be hooks for a cross-body or over the shoulder strap? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance, all!
  2. I think they could be used as hooks for an across the body strap. My MAM is too smooshy though and when I tried it the bag twisted a little because the rings are on opposite sides of the zipper and it just looked like I was hurting the bag. There is a thread where people have tried every possible strap configuration so I would search for that if you are interested. Personally I would undo the lobster claws and try attaching a strap to those and see what happens if you are interested in wearing it across the body. Hope that helps.
  3. i am not a fan of the straps so i just think of it as cute hardware!
  4. Thanks ladies. I just wasn't sure if they were meant for that or not, especially because the bag did not come with an extra strap.

  5. they don't come with them unfortunately, but if you wanted one you could order it from the RM site under "shop" then go to accessories. ;)
  6. How about clip a cute little bag charm on the ring? That could be a nice idea.:smile:
  7. How about one of the cute bag chains sold on RM's site? They're currently sold out and I check the site everyday for them. Bag jewelry! :P
  8. ^^i definitely like the chain!

    TATERTOT puts charms on her RM's! i love it, i think its adorable. Now i need to find a cute one!
  9. yup i like the chain too. darn didn't know they were sold out. i was going to get one for my mam basketweave
  10. Shopbopchic- Catalina said they expect to get more in a month or so, maybe you could put in an order for one~
  11. I forgot about the chains. I like them.
  12. I use it to clip my keys to when I'm just running in some place really quickly. (You have to use a keychain with a clip, like Coach's or Hayden-Harnett's).
  13. The rings are for a long cross-body strap, I have one on my black MAB.
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