New m/l classic flap caviar vs vintage Lambskin flap questions

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  1. Hi ladies, I currently own a vintage m/l classic flap but have recently decided that I wanted to sell it to buy a caviar skin m/l from the chanel boutique. So yesterday I went to the boutique and when I tried on the caviar skin m/l, there are a few things that I am not 100% sure of....

    1. I have noticed that the flap is not flushed to the side, I understand it won’t be completely flushed but it’s pointing upwards quite a bit and it bothers me. Is this normal? I couldn’t take a picture at the time as the sales assistance was not very happy when I pointed out but I saw a flap on eBay with exact same situation and here is the picture IMG_4773.jpg

    2. I might be imagining things but have also felt that the chain drop might be a bit shorter too?? my vintage one measures about 42cm, are the recent ones a bit shorter? If anyone who has purchased one recently could let me know how long theirs is that would be really appreciated.

    3. Also the chain strap feels very stiff and general feel of the leather is not as “nice” as my other caviar skin items ( I have a PST and a classic flap wallet ), is there any quality issues with the skin recently??

    Sorry for the long whinge but I am a bit disappointed after yesterday, am I being overly fussy and imagining things with all the issues mentioned? I am now considering the possibilities of a pre loved thinking the quality might be better? Or I am comparing too much with the vintage?

    Would appreciate any comments and answers thank you in advance!! [emoji4]
  2. Hi! Old post but curious to know if you sold your lamb for the caviar as i am debating between the two myself!
  3. Maybe it’s this season’s caviar? Did you ask to see all of the ones they have? If you don’t like it just wait for next season because I have read they can vary greatly eg puffiness, shine, stiffness etc

    Oh sorry didn’t realise it was from March