New LV

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  1. well, what do you think? not a big fan myself, but maybe some of you will like it.

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  2. Meh. Kind of looks like something my grandma would carry.
  3. I like it for Spring. Nice.
  4. I prefer it in the pink.. the brown isn't very flattering on that style. But cute none the less. :love:
  5. LV can make bad looking bags :wacko: even though its hard for me to admit:embarasse
  6. I like it because it's different for LV - but I have a fabulous LV I bought in Paris last year and for some reason, I seldom use it - my love affair with it didn't last long - However I do believe everyone should have one spectacular LV in their collection (same with Chanel) .
  7. Ops! I don’t have a Chanel:amazed: must get one:nuts: any suggestions:smile:?
  8. ^^^2.55 reissue :biggrin:
  9. Is that the one you bought?:love:
  10. I'll take a picture of the one I bought in Vegas in August - it is classic quilted black leather with the Chanel chain handles - not too big, not too small - a bag that will last longer than I will. I love knowing I have it even if I don't use it everyday.
  11. Yes


  12. btw I really like this in the pink also :biggrin: This has inspired me to go check this out today.
  13. If you only buy one Chanel, it should definitly be black, have the classic quilted body and the wonderful Chanel chains. It should be a shoulder bag but not too big. Mine was about $1045.00 at the Chanel shop at Caeser's Palace hotel - I would only buy Chanel from a Chanel store - It is a lifetime purchase, like a diamond ring in some respects - I love that I have it. It took me a while to get it.
  14. Okay just called and got on the waitlist for the Trapeze GM, going to go and see the lookbook though in case I want the PM. I typically like larger bags though so I think I may stick with the GM. Can't wait, they should be in soon!
  15. What does the Trapeze GM look like?