New LV

  1. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new; may I have an opinion from someone? I'm thinking about getting a new LV bag, but I don't know what style I should get. I want something moderately sized, not too big or too small. And I want a bag that's classy but understated. I do, however, desire a monogram, even though I know a lot of people own it (I see way too many fake speedys, unfortunately). Should I get a vintage or a new style? I love some of the vintage styles because I don't see them too often, but I wouldn't mind getting a nice new bag. :yes: Please, any suggestions are welcome; I don't have too many bags for I am a recent college grad, and I work hard for my money. Thank you for reading.
  2. are you looking for handheld or shoulder...
  3. whats your preference on too big or too small? whats your budget?
  4. Speedy 25!!
  5. Hi Bernz! Welcome to the PF. check out the visual aids thread for good pics of bags. Also, I like to look on eLuxury. Depends on how you plan to use the bag, how much stuff you will carry in it, how you like to carry your bag (I'm a shoulder strap kind of girl), etc. My first LV was a Petite Bucket, and it is my most used bag. Be sure to post a pic when you get your bag!
  6. I'd suggest a mono speedy 30 or a damier speedy 25. Can't go wrong with either one!
  7. speedy 30 mono or damier! or if u want a sholder bag a batignolles
  8. Popincourt Haut
    Batignolles Hortizontal
    Petite Bucket
    Speedy 30
    Damier Chelsea
    Damier Knightsbridge
  9. ^^^^perfect suggestions.
  10. I agree, may be a speedy in either mono or damier.
  11. Hi, thanks for the responses! I know my questions were kinda vague for some; I probably should've been more precise, :P . I'm actually looking for a shoulder bag...these suggestions sound really good. I might just get a Petite Bucket or maybe one of the Batignolles; they're really cute! I'll try to keep you guys posted.