New LV with clothes

  1. When you purchase a new bag, do you just look at the new bag all day long or try with with your clothes and see how it looks?

    I have seem my friends who brought one new bag and try it with 10+ sets of clothes. :nuts: Can't get enough of it in front of the mirror. (and I just watch TV and sigh:suspiciou )
  2. Ha! But you're a good friend and humor them! When I get a new bag, yes I do stare at it for awhile but then realize it's just a bag. It will be there in the am when I wake up too. I tend to plan my outfits around my bag when I first get it, then I could give a crap.
  3. I agree with jasanna143.
  4. Hmmm

    I believe the only bag I've tried on with different outfits was the Hermes Kelly bag.

    With the LVs you know that they'll go with ANYTHING and almost everything I wear. That's why you gotto love them~
  5. Nope. I buy a bag then buy clothes that match it. :smile:
  6. I buy a bag and try to match whatever clothes I already have in the closet. Making a decision on a bag is hard enough :biggrin:
  7. when it comes to LV, I buy the bag then clothes to match. Thanks to a fellow boardie I was able to buy a cherry josephine to replace the one I spilled wine on. Luckily I already have the sneakers to match :smile:
  8. Same here, i always try to buy bags that go well with most of my clothes. Therefore, no need to try them on.
  9. I usually just look at the bag. I don't really think about matching clothes so much, maybe I just don't match outfit wise.. hehe. :shame:
  10. i buy whatever bag i love and then try to match it up later.....not that it's a big deal because mosta the bags that i buy go with pretty much everything i wear........but it is fun to take out your new bag and try it out with a bunch of different outifts....justl ike it's fun to buy a new piece of clothing and try on like 15 different outfits with it to see what it goes with (unless i'm crazy and that's just me :shame:smile:
  11. My clothes are: jeans, jeans, jeans, black tights, khaki cargo capris, jeans, jeans, jeans . . . so it is pretty easy.
  12. My LV's go with prety much everything so I don't do it much.

    My other bags I usually do it the other way around. I figure out what I'm going to wear for the day and then I find the bag that looks the best with it.

    I just decided that I want a LV Neo Speedy in Fuchia. It worries me all the trouble I'll go through to match it. :wacko: Its such a cute bag though.

    I don't think I liked it when it first came out. How quick we change our minds :P
  13. I could be wearing nothing but carrying a LV bag LOL
    I never check my clothes to see if the bag is gonna match except if it's something for a party or very specific purpose