New LV Website! Hard to Navigate?

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  1. Is it me or are you also having a hard time with their website. I miss elux!! I can't find anything that I'm looking for and so little option? I was looking for scarves and there are only 2 silk scarves!?! I'm sure they have a whole lot more in the store!
  2. The new website is horrible, because of this, I will no longer purchase Vuitton online. I think the person that came up with the organizational scheme of the new site should be fired.
  3. I wish they would offer more from the US site and let you order from the international ones..I would pay for shipping...The closest LV is 2 hours away
  4. i HATE the new site...
  5. I don't think its too hard to navigate...
  6. I am at my wit's end with this new website - I honestly cannot believe that LV thinks this is a better way for their customers to navigate through stuff - there must be some reason behind it that we just don't know about...
  7. I'm so glad someone posted about this! The website is rediculious!
    You'd think they would realize it is not user friendly at all!
  8. I hate it!
  9. I've given's beyond ridiculous!
  10. Tell me about it! I can't find where any of the cosmetic bags are?? I found the Damier one under "handbags" then "clutches & evening". What the heck? Shouldn't they be under "wallets & small leather goods"? I can't find any vernis cosmetic bags or Monogram ones.
  11. I am exhausted looking for what I want to see and waiting for the image to appear, and then sometimes not.
    Do they still print the paper catalog books? Those were great, at least you could get the information you wanted.
  12. I am not fond of it either!!!! It's like they reverted!