New LV Sunnies?

  1. Just found these under New Arrivals on, I think it's an old style with a new color! Their so hot. I'm gonna call my store tomorrow and ask how much, I really want them!
  2. Ooooh those are HOT!!
  3. Ya... these are hot!!!! Matt showed them to me last week.

    I bet when and if I try them on at the boutique, they're gonna fit me funny... which is a shame because these would go great with the color I wear almost everyday, which is blue. :p
  4. I know! I love blue...if their under $500 and not LE, I might save'll kill me because I know I can get some Chanel or D&G's for a lot cheaper...but I just love LV too much :drool::roflmfao:
  5. i've seen them and they look really nice. they're also making a blue LV Cup pair when they launch the new blue Damier Geant :graucho:

    btw... Chanel, Gucci or D&G don't compare to LV sunglasses.