New LV straps

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  1. Has anyone seen these in person? I found this in IG. LV is doing straps the same way Fendi is doing. If you have seen these in person or bought one, please comment. I am interested in one, but would like to know more. I can't get to a store at the moment. I am in the process of moving house. TIA.

    ETA: I just read in her comment section that they are not in the US website, yet.

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  2. I'm very interested in these, hoping someone will get one soon and give us a teview
  3. You can already find them on the website.
  4. I just purchased a mono pink one yesterday in the US to be able to substitute this for my vachetta straps on my Amelie bag. I can't stand how vachetta gets dirty looking (first world problems). It's longer than I thought, when I reserved it via phone the SA stated that it was not intended as a cross body strap but it is definitely long enough for cross body with the Amelie. I wish it were shorter to be a true shoulder strap instead of cross body. I asked if there and any plans for a shorter version but SA said none that he knew of. They also would not heat stamp it. I'm not a big fan of the white trim on the pink, the mono and black version does not have white trim but I could not resist the pink...

    Hope that helps
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  5. Oops, Amelie is my wallet, the purse I got this for is the Melie. Was in Italy last week with a favorable exchange rate and VAT refund and I went a little wild at LV, mixed up the names. I wish this strap had been available while I was in Italy because it would have been a lot less than US prices.
  6. How much was it in USD?
  7. It was just under $500, I'm not entirely sure because I had an issue with the Agenda GM that I also purchased in Italy (the bottom 3 binder rings were not closing) so they gave me a new one but I had to pay US tax on it which is BS because I paid tax on it in Italy. So the receipt is very odd - strap, plus Agenda GM tax plus strap tax pushed it to mid $500's.
  8. Python is $885. A little more than Fendi at $800 but I love the python/yellow combo from LV more. My SA already placed an order for one but it seems like stock hasn't arrived. I hope it's as soft on the shoulder as the Fendi. Fendi's Strap You feels like cloud on my shoulder =D
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  9. #9 Jul 4, 2016
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    This is available on Canadian site.
    Starting at $575
    (It's pretty but I don't know if I want to spend that much on an extra strap- it's just a strap, not functional at all alone. I think I would rather a wallet or something more functional for that price. I think these prices are crazy) but that's just my opinion.
  10. PLEASE LV make a mono one with SHW!
  11. I saw them yesterday- they are trickling in. I believe the canvas/leather is just under $300. The epi and exotic are more but I did not see them. My opinion- they are great and extend your options if you have a bag they work with. I think for most applications, you need a medium to larger bag to carry one off- I tried one on the smallest Pallas and Felicie and they looked pretty silly. Also, on me (5'8", average), it is too short for crossbody. I plan to buy one when I make up my mind what I want and on which bag they will work...hmm,, maybe the Pochette Metis? Oh, and there are some animal prints (big cat) due out too which looked interesting. Stella McCarthy is doing a lot of cat this fall.
  12. I did see there is an epi due with SHW but I think it is a long-shot for mono with silver.
  13. Hmm.. A bit pricey, but I would be ok with $300ish for the canvas/leather combo. Thanks so much!!

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  14. Thank you. I will take a peek. I wish these were available when my mom visited Paris 3 months ago. Oh well...

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