New LV Store!!!

  1. I am so excited!!!!

    Normally to make any LV purchases, I have to travel about 40 miles to my nearest LV boutique, but I have just found out that a new LV boutique is opening soon in the city in which I live!!

    I can't wait, its an excuse to purchase even more LV!!!
  2. congrats!!!
  3. :yahoo:That is always exciting news! I wish our LV was a tad closer to me too
  4. that's really cool! :yahoo:
  5. That's wonderful. I'm sure you're very happy about that. I am going to the closest one to me on Saturday in Charlotte. I live in Myrtle Beach and it's about 4 hrs. Worth the trip though.
  6. thats good news, I was really excited when the LV store opened in Edinburgh, I thought I would have to go down to Manchester or London for purchases. Save up your pennies and treat yourself.
  7. congrats! :yahoo::yahoo:it's actually painful for me because it's like a block away from me:yes::yes:
  8. oh thats great news:yahoo: any idea when it will open and where in Leeds it will be
  9. ooh, how exciting! Is there going to be a grand opening? are you going to the grand opening?
  10. Scottie - its a few shops up from Harvey Nichols at the top of the arcade next to the Victoria Quarter! Not sure when it opens, its got all the gisele promo posters in the window and says 'Louis Vuitton Coming Soon'!!

    lv lover - i hope there's going to be a grand opening, i wouldnt miss it for the world!!
  11. We're getting an LV store too, so I understand your excitment :biggrin:
  12. I Live Right Down The Street From LV (Well, 5min. Down The Highway!)...It's Nice! :smile:

    PiperLu ~ Your Are In Myrtle Beach? I Love It There ~ Super Fun! We Love SC....Even Back In NY, We Love To Stay In Hilton Head (It's Our Hamptons Of The South!!!!)

    I Am In Charlotte (We Lived Here Two Years)...There's So Many Of Us Who Shop @ SouthPark....I Can't Wait For Hermes......Ok Way Off Topic Sorry!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. That's awesome!!! :biggrin:

    Munchkyn: I see you love AFI too... I took some awesome pics of them at Warped Tour 3 weeks ago... ;)
  14. ok been in contact with LV customer services and they confirm the LEEDS store is due to open in spetember:yes: Yeh:yahoo:
  15. That is both good and bad news!!! Good for you, bad for the wallet!!!! :amuse: :drinkup: