New LV Store in MA

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  1. I read a piece in the paper today that mentioned a new LV opening in Natick, MA - The article was about the new mall they are in the process of "upscaling" with designers and Nieman's and luxury condos etc.
  2. im jealous. i have to travel too far to get to LV. why wont they open anymore stores in the UK.:shrugs:
  3. YES, I was just reading about that!!! And they're going to sell clothes too not just bags and shoes!!
  4. They are also expanding the store at Copley Place. They are taking the unit that is in back of them now and using the whole thing. They are going to sell RTW too.

    But it's awesome to have another store!!
  5. My DH is in construction & actually worked on that building!
  6. that's so cool! i also got an invite in the mail from nordstrom to a gala celebrating their first store opening in MA, in NATICK! so same spot, i guess. how cool!
  7. kate, are you going to go check it out?? :graucho:
  8. Where's your nearest one cherry pie?
  9. Did the article say when the LV in Natick will open?
  10. I also got the Nordstrom invite, rainyjewels are you going? I have not decided yet. I am very excited about Copley carrying RTW, but I live dangerously close to that store, less than a 10 min. walk, yikes this could be trouble, well it already is so I guess it would be more accurate to say more trouble! I wonder how big the Natick store will be? Anyone know? The space Copley is expanding into is the old Thomas Pink store, it should give them quite a bit more square footage.

  11. Hi Lisa! I'll have to I think - don't you? :yes: Natick is West of Boston - I live on the South Shore...a little beyond my usual stomping ground. I'm kinda spoiled - I work within walking distance of the 2 LV's in Boston (and Sephora and Coach and lots of other fun and tempting places.)
  12. i live on the south shore, too! i was thinking natick might be easier for me to get to, as it's going to be in a mall (more suburbish than going into boston?)
  13. I think the new LV store opens in Natick tomorrow. I might leave work early to check it out although I'm sure it will be crazy busy
  14. I meant to ask if anyone else is planning on going to the grand opening. I've been looking online to find out what promotions they are having for the different stores but haven't really found anything...
  15. Yes, it does open tomorrow the 7th. I am psyched. I am going to head over there after work and see how it looks, and maybe buy a few things! :smile: