New LV store coming to Valley Fair, Santa Clara, CA

  1. This might be old news, but I keep forgetting to mention it.... Valley Fair is expanding (where the parking structure near B of A is), and LV will be moving into a bigger store :smile:

    I can't wait! Hoping we get a nice big store with a VIC area :graucho:
  2. Thank you. But I really really want a Chanel store there.:p
  3. OHhh that is great news. I cant wait for it to happen
  4. *Sigh* I miss Cali!!!
  5. Me too!!!
  6. Oh, didn't know that. I haven't been for a while. Might need to stop in next week. Thanks for the info Tink!
  7. I hope it's open when I visit my mom during the holidays.
  8. I would like that too!
  9. Thanks for the update. I didn't know that they were expanding. Coolness.
  10. I haven't been there yet! I live about 40 minutes north, but hubby works about 15 minutes from there. I hope to go soon!
  11. :yahoo:
  12. oh boy. you will be their first vip staple customer!