New LV Sprouse bags on eLUXURY tomorrow!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I was told by a reliable source that eLUXURY was getting a new shipment of Stephen Sprouse Collection bags tonight, they will be available tomorrow morning through their online store.

    Despite closing in June, don't write off eLUXURY just yet!

    Show TPF some love and hit this link if you are interested in shopping for a collection piece (I believe there is a free shipping incentive going on, as well as no sales tax for most states). :tup:
  2. Thanks Vlad. I already got my pochette at the store as I was afraid eluxury wouldn't get em and they would be sold out. Hmmm, maybe I need to make another purchase?

    Hope some of you ladies (and gents) score some good stuff!
  3. OK-Hitting it Now!!!
  4. hitting it also, so far no graffiti speedy! Will be sure to come back to this thread when checking later.
  5. Yes but the Roses bags are up. I would have saved $35 in taxes but oh well.

    Grab em people before they are gone!
  6. They're gone!
  7. Speedy and neverfull still available on LV website
  8. And, right now there are 27 Speedys, 10 Pouchettes, and 3 Neverfulls available for sale on elux! This must be terrible news for the ebayers that are selling them for 3 times their sell price!
  9. elux still showing all bags available.
  10. Be sure to hit Elux, there are still items available!
  11. Roses Neverfull MM and Speedy 30 are up.

  12. eLuxury is closing in June?? Why???
  13. I had an event tonight to attend and came home and checked, they are gone as of now. Thanks for the heads up. If you hear again when they are getting more let me know. May I ask, when a member uses TPF to connect to Eluxury, how are we helping TPF? I certainly want to help and need to remember to sign into TPF first to get to Eluxury through the thread here.
  14. what was released?
  15. I know! it's terrible!!!

    there's this seller who's selling a graffiti speedy with BO option... lowest price she'll accept it-- $2100:wtf:

    I so wish elux would ship to my address. :crybaby: