New LV site is up with awesome new features: prices, e-shopping, and customization!

  1. The new LV site is up and running! If you have the LV's site bookmarked, delete that bookmark, because it will just take you to the old site. The new site is awesome! Not only does it have prices, but you can order directly! Also you can order your item heatstamped before it is shipped to you! It uses Flash to give you a preview of what your heatstamp will look like before you order. Almost makes me want to order a new wallet or something just so I try it out! I think I am in trouble...LOL... :drool:
  2. Woohoo! I'm gonna go check it out. Thanks!
  3. Oh cool, I'll check it out right now!
  4. I love the new site.
  5. I am going right now... be back soon!
  6. sounds nice...checking it now.
  7. oo does the UK one do that too

    back soon!
  8. Whats the address? I'm in the U.K. and the one I'm checking '' is the same as it always was.
  9. And they have the mirage bandeau! Go get em girls (and guys)!!
    Too bad it doesn't seem to have the e-shopping for european countries, but France :sad:
  10. o0o i gotta check it out!!
  11. UK is the same :tdown:
    US version is good (although Gucci is stil better)

    Olive on the very first page when it asks you to pick a country choose US
  12. Try emptying your browers cache and then manually typing in You'll get the page with the list of countries, select your country, and you should be able to view the site. I don't know what changes were made to the UK site, but the US site is quite different. Hope this helps.
  13. Oooh how exciting! I can't wait to check it out!
  14. Yeah I noticed the new site this morning, pretty cool! :smile:
  15. Really NICE