New LV shoulder bag

  1. I am thinking about treating myself to a new shoulder bag for christmas and as I just got an agenda in mandarin (it was hard to find one left at LV in Germany) I am thinking about damier or monogram to match...

    Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. The Tulum is such a great bag. Very Chic.
  3. Tulum PM or GM.
  4. For a shouler bag-Hudson GM!
  5. A cabas piano.
  6. I love the Piano too!
  7. how about the Batignolles Horizontal or Popincourt Haut? they're both very roomy and they have nice shapes :yes:
  8. Petit Noe!!! :tender:
  9. Batignolles Horizontal - I love this purse!!!
  10. Cabas Piano.
  11. LOL I'm in the same situation, gal! :yes:

    I really like the following bags (not in order of preference):-

    Popincourt Haut
    Petite Bucket
    Cabas Piano (but the vachetta at the bottom!!!!)

    I'll add on when I remember. Having a mental block now. Too many bags I love but can't decide!!
  12. Saleya!!!!!!!
  13. BH! Hands down.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions!!! It is so wonderful to get all these tips on bags here...I knew that I am not the only one who is serious about bags:yes:

    I have a noe petit in black and love it, but I can never keep it organised so think I will skip it...on the other hand, I think it looks so cute in monogram...

    I owned the Cabas Piano but somehow do not like it, the vachetta...

    The Tulum is a bit too dressy for me, but I will think about the Popincourt or the Saleya, but am a bit afraid that the Saleya will drown me, so maybe the handheld one...which is obviously not a shoulder bag, but looks soo good...and while I am on handheld bags, how about the Manhattan (weight?)

    The other day I saw a woman carrying the Illovo mm, and I have to say, it looked much better in rl then I thought it would, but heard that there are problems with colour transfer...tough decision. Am going to Germany today, bags are much cheaper there:rolleyes:
  15. Agreed! Not to mention they're just so pretty... :love:
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