New Lv Shoes !!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. That's beautiful.
  3. You know, even though I am an animal lover I still love beautiful shoes. But leaving the calf hair on the leather just grosses me out completely.


    $825 Tupelo
  4. ^^ reminds me of the damier sauvage line, the calf hair on leather I mean, not the colors ;P
  5. Not a fan of them at all =\
  6. the perforated shoes are cute, i'd buy them in a sec if i had a perforated bag.
  7. The perf mules are so cute !
  8. Perf shoes are cute for Spring/Summer
  9. GREAT shoes!!! The second pair would look HOT with jeans!!!!!!:love:
  10. Wow, those purple shoes are cool :nuts:

    I am definitely getting the perforated mules in orange, along with the Epi Speedy in mandarin, sometime in June :love: I am obsessing over those darn shoes. Hope I can hold off until then :shame:
  11. Not a fan of the perf line but I love the second pair. I keep seeing pictures of Mariah Carey at her video shoots in those shoes. They're beautiful!
  12. Well, I'm not a big fan of the perf bags, but those shoes are adorable! :love:
  13. I think it's so cute. I'd love one in fuchsia...
  14. I saw the perf mules at the local LV store, they are even cuter IRL! My only complain is the short heels.
  15. amazing perfo !!!