New LV scarves...

  1. [​IMG]
    $105 will come in all the perfo colors
    This is actually a bandeau.
  2. *sigh* next month this will be mine in pink. this or the red bandeau. or a twilly. or... :smile:
  3. I am waiting for my pink one to arrive in store:biggrin:
  4. they also have new ones to match the new colors of the denim line, but they are sold out already.
  5. Nice. Love it. They will look sharp in pink.
  6. Does anyone know if they're in the stores yet?
  7. I bought mine at my local boutique! They look different in person...the colors. I love mine. I want another one !

  8. I just love those -
  9. I saw Jill's pics and just fell in love w/ them! (thanks Jill and Selena!)
    I want to see the pink IRL but u said it didn't do it for you? It's betw pink and orange.
  10. Couldn't resist the temptation ... was going to get it in Orange yesterday but decided to wait ... ahhhhh ... why did I have to check again? Got the fucshia
  11. ^ Congrats ~ I LOVE The Fuchsia!
  12. Very cute. I like the orange.
  13. Aww! That's really cute! I'm liking the green.