New LV Rings!?

  1. So somebody posted this site to see the new Denim stuff . . . but I'm definitely digging the rings most of all!!! Anyone have any info on these, i.e. when they are being released, price points, etceteras? They're gorgeous, and I don't want to miss out on them like I did the turtle brooch! Thanks!

    Here's the site:

    PS - how do they get all the LV stuff before it hits the stores?
  2. Aww.. the denim bags are what really win me over. I love the little pouches.

    No idea how they're doing this - but I can't say I'm against it ! :graucho:
  3. Is this site a legit site? I don't understand how they have all the new stuff posted?
  4. maybe LV does it.. just to build hype! :upsidedown:
  5. Yup, and they always have the nicest photos. :yes:
  6. Love the denim shoes toward the bottom!
  7. The little thingy on the rings remind me of Kokopeli? :P
  8. I like the little ski hats, so cute!
  9. I REALLY like the white one.. but I hope it comes in blue? :nuts:
    But I shouldn't get my hope up...