New LV purchases!

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  1. Today I stopped by the LV Boutique and bought a pair of sunglasses and a dog collar for one of my rescue dogs named 'Louie'....just a coincidence I swear!

    As much as I tried he would NOT sit still for the photo shoot, so I had take the pic with it off him. It looks super cute in it though :smile: I really like the sunglasses because they have two tones of brown on them with gold.

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  2. Awwww bless him! Congrats on your new additions!
  3. Ooooh LVoe the sunnies...model pics pwease :tender: ~ Congrats!
  4. Nice! Congrats!!

  5. OK, here's a pic of me with my new sunnies.....I'm not the best model, but at least you get the idea! :biggrin:

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  6. They look great on you! Hopefully we can see some doggie modelling pics soon :biggrin:
  7. You look fab! Congrats
  8. Great sunnies. I love the dog collar & can't wait for pics of Louie! I want to get a LV collar for my dog also, so cute!!
  9. Love them! I've never seen an LV dog collar. Mind me asking how much they are? My pooches need these...
  10. Nice I would love to see your doggy with it's colar :biggrin:
  11. Congrats!! Your dog is very lucky :smile:
  12. FINALLY! It took a while for Louie to take a nap and then I had to re-size the photo....anyhow, here is Louie in his new LV collar! My sweet BF found him rummaging through trash for food near death in an empty lot in Downtown Detroit on a very cold Winter day almost 3 years ago. He is the most lovey-dovey dog I have ever known, he deserves the LV collar! :biggrin:

    Someone asked what the collar cost, it was $285. Louie took the largest collar, the GM.

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  13. congrats to you and Louie!!
  14. Wow the sunnies look GREAT on you, I really must look at the sunglasses next time I'm in the store. I always mean to, but them get distracted by the bags!!

    Louie looks great in his new collar, he deserves it!
  15. Congrats! You both look great!