New LV Purchases!

  1. A big shiny new thread for everyone to post their latest LV purchase!
    (Let me know if we already have one of these - a quick search failed to discover)

    Well.. *looks around* ..guess I'll go first!

    After deciding only a few hours ago earlier today that I'd really like an agenda - and before even deciding which agenda this would be! - I found The One. 'Twas love at first sight, and comes direct from another TPF'r, so it's staying in the family!

    My new LV Damier Koala PM Agenda, from the member for whom I suspect this smilie must have been created..! :queen:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    So, who else has gotten lucky today?!
  2. ^^what a beautiful agenda.......its the one i'd choose if i needed one, but i have a PDA, so i use that....if LV only made PDA cases......
  3. congrats, great buy.
  4. congrats on your new agenda
  5. Beautiful Agenda!! I love the Koala in Damier!

    Here are my two little goodies from the last couple of days. Not brand spanking new, but new to me. Monogram Sophie is on the Fed Ex truck for delivery so I should have her soon!! I'll post pics of it when it arrives too.
  6. Thanks, everyone! Have to wait for Monday for it to arrive now, it's driving me nuts!

    Luvs2, those are some gorgeous cles! You must post pics of your Sophie when she arrives! :tup:

    I'm thinking of getting one to clip into my agenda to use as a coin purse, as I read in the agenda thread that a few do this, but am trying to decide which would look best with that gorgeous red lining. I'm deciding between either mono cerises, or plain damier. Not sure how the mono would look with the damier cover, so will probably go for the latter.
  7. Here is Sophie. Sorry I'm wasn't quite dressed to wear her properly....just bum around clothes :smile:. I just snapped the pictures sort of quickly, but it is a really cool purse, I really love it!! I cannot wait to get one in Damier too!!
    Sophie1.JPG Sophie2.JPG
  8. This is the only thing I've gotten recently, but I love it.
    fleurs keychain.jpg
  9. That Sophie! Stunning! :love:

    Jellybebe, I love your keyring charms, they're gorgeous! What is the name of those, I've never seen them before?
  10. I just bought a Damier Cles to attach to my Damier Koala Agenda as a coin purse!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get it! :woohoo:

  11. congrats! It'll look fantastic!
  12. congrats!!! i have the damier azur small agenda and i love it!!!
  13. Thank you both! I get the Agenda on Monday, and the Cles I guess late next week or early the following. *drums fingers, paces up and down*

    I think they'll look great together too, I'll definitely be posting pics of them both like crazy as soon as they arrive!
  14. Hey Frankie, the keychain is called the MC Fleurs keychain. I believe it was released within the last few weeks.
  15. Congrats on your new purchases!