1. Hi all! This thread is to post your new (or new to you ;) ) LV goodies for the period of March/April '07.
    Looking forward to some awesome LV eye candy!
  2. Woohoo! 1st post for March! :yahoo:

  3. Yay!!! I'm in! :nuts: :drool: :love:
    Petite Noe_S.jpg
  4. The silver hardware really stands out! :nuts:
  5. I know! ;) I originally opted for a SO petite noe in damier, but the silver just looked sooo fresh and young with the red, plus the SA said it wears better too!.. I had to have it! :love:
  6. I'm getting the same one, only in regular size in April :biggrin: Red noes are to die for, congrats:yahoo::smile:
  7. I was considering too!! BUT... The bag was a little big for me sd I'm petite at 5"2'ish :sad:
  8. Got my first Suhali (cles) today!!!
  10. Still waiting for my Josephine PM and will post the pic here soon after I got it
  11. I love the suhali cles and especially the colour.Beautiful
  12. That suhali cles is lovely!
  13. Yipeee I just landed the yellow pm inclusion bracelet.
    cant wait till it arrives-only a few more colours to go
  14. my blue groom agenda came today =]
  15. Congrats bb! I love that color! Maybe I should get another Suhali Cles!!! :nuts: